Dear Friends and Family,
I hope you have had a great year full of happiness and God’s grace! I am excited to announce that I, once again, have the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip. I will be traveling with Mount Pleasant Christian Church from March 21- March 28. Another 20 high schoolers will be going with me, as we spread God’s word.
This year, we will be running another sports camp for the children in a town called Navarette, outside of Santiago. We will be staying with Casas Por Cristo, a nonprofit spreading the word to Mexico, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. We will run one camp in the morning for the younger kids and another in the afternoon for the older kids after school. Our team will build friendships and create an attraction for many kids to come and join us.
Our ultimate goal is that our time there will allow the local church to share the gospel and minister to these kids and families even when we leave. We want to create a fun atmosphere that they can come to, but point them to the church as the heroes of it all.
With all of that said, I am hoping to raise some financial support. My trip cost is $1,150. I have already paid some of that, but I want to ask you if you would also be willing to support me in this ministry. Donations are accepted until January 25, 2019. Anything you can give me is a blessing and will really help me reach my goal.
Please join me in prayer for this journey I will take soon. I am blessed for your continuous love and support. If you have questions about my trip, please let me know. Thank you!
God bless, Millie Foley