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Sport For Life (SFL) is a national network of volunteer leaders in Sweden that want to engage in sports mission in different ways. Thru this network, SFL is able to facilitate sports camps, workout weekends, Local Church sports Groups, golf tournaments, attend different regional/national camps and conferences, network for Swedish elite athletes, network and education for chaplains, and also provide materials for sports ministries, such as devotions, sports bible and more.

Our team will be a part of one of the regional youth camps with approximately 450 participants. We will work with the SFL team and be responsible for all the sports activities/tournaments. There will also be three sports seminars during that week with about 100 youth involved. During this seminar, we will play and teach soccer and volleyball and talk about being a Christian athlete and what impact they can have out in their daily environments. There will also be teaching about sports as a mission and ministry and the challenge will be given to take action back home in their churches.

For more information, feel free to contact the Team Leader:
Dustin Hart; [email protected]; (317)881-6727 x291 
OR Chad Ranson, Serve Pastor; [email protected]; (317)881-6727 x 331

Please send completed forms and photocopies of your passport to:
Heidi Wright, Serve Coordinator; [email protected]
Mount Pleasant Christian Church
Missions Team
381 N Bluff Rd.
Greenwood, IN 46142


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Cost: $2,200.00 due 5/26/2019

Application Fee: $220.00

Milestone Amount Due Date
Non refundable deposit at time of application $220.00 2/24/2019
Trip balance due to avoid $150 penatly $1,980.00 4/28/2019
Trip balance due to avoid $150 penatly $1,980.00 5/26/2019
Name Description Location Date Required?
Team Meeting 1 100 Days out from Mission trip. Application and Deposit (10%) are due. At this meeting you will meet your team, begin with a devotion, review the vision of this mission trip, review logistics, have questions answered, collect paperwork and/or funds. Room C101 Feb 24 2019 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EST Yes
Team Meeting 2 Planning for trip. Bible Study. Prayer. Cultural info.
Room C101 Mar 31 2019 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EDT Yes
Team Meeting 3 60 Days out from Mission trip. Full payment is due to avoid a $150 penalty. Copy of passport is due. Copy of Visa (if applicable) is due. Planning for trip. Bible Study. Prayer. Cultural info.
Room C101 Apr 28 2019 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EDT Yes
Team Meeting 4 Final Meeting prior to Mission trip. Trip must be paid in full, including $150 penalty (if applicable). MPCC Required paperwork is due. Mission partner paperwork is due (if applicable). Planning for trip. Bible Study. Prayer. Cultural info.
Room C101 May 26 2019 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EDT Yes
Form Description Due Date Required?
Team Member Covenant (purple form) Completed by everyone Required
Confidential Health Questionnaire (orange form) Completed by everyone Required
Adult Legal Release (green form) Completed by participants 18 or older Required
Minor Legal Release (blue form) Completed by parent/guardian for participants under 18 Required
Permission to Travel in a Foreign Country (red form) Completed by parent/guardian for participant under 18 attending a trip without a parent. Please note: THIS FORM MUST BE NOTARIZED. Required
Policies and Procedures Please read this document in its entirety. You will be expected to abide by these policies and procedures. NOTE: You agreed to these "terms and conditions" at the start of your application. Required
Passport - Copy of Image All participants of a MPCC mission trip must have or obtain a passport. Passport costs are not included in the trip cost. The Missions Ministry must receive a copy of your passport upon applying for a trip or as soon as you receive your new passport.
 Copy must include the picture/info page and the signature page above (See attached IMAGE SAMPLE)
 Passport must be signed
  1. Complete online application and 10% trip deposit
  2. Complete and submit all required paperwork, including passport and/or visa (when applicable), by deadline. *See Forms tab*
  3. Valid Passport – the expiration date on your passport MUST be 6 months beyond the return date of the trip. If a visa is required, your passport must have available visa pages.
  4. Immunizations: Mount Pleasant supports the recommendations of the CDC (The Center for Disease Control). Please consult the CDC website at cdc.gov as well as your family physician.
  1. Meet all paperwork and trip cost deadlines.
  2. Review trip policies and procedures.
  3. Adhere to the Team Member Covenant at all times. *See Forms tab*
  4. Attend all team meetings, including debrief.
  5. NOTE: trip cost does not include: meals in transit, souvenirs, passport, visa, applicable vaccinations.
  1. Pray!
  2. Review Fundraising Guide and begin fundraising. *See Forms tab*
  3. Submit payment(s), a copy of your passport photo page, and all paperwork by deadlines.
  4. Mark required meetings on your calendar.
  5. Start the process of obtaining or renewing passport, if necessary.
  6. Obtain immunizations and medications as advised by your Doctor.

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